The 15th Hussars | Re-enacting the British Light Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars

Re-enacting the British Light Cavalry of the Napoleonic Wars

What is Cavalry Re-enactment?

If you want to know all about cavalry re-enactment then this guide can help you. Cavalry re-enactment is about portraying the past as historically accurately as possible and having as much fun as possible. Who pays for the horses? can I ride my own horse at battles? How do we train the horses? These are just some of the questions we are asked, read on to find out more.

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How To Join The 15th Hussars Light Cavalry Regiment...

Love what you've seen so far?.. Ready to see the world from the ranks of the best Napoleonic light cavalry re-enactment regiment in the UK. Read on to find out if you are good enough to "live the dream" and get up close and personal with history from over 200 years ago!

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The 15th Hussars Horsing Around!

The 15th Hussars is one of the few places where you will recieve a round of applause for any horse related injuries or accidents! The 15th Hussars re-enactment unit is all about having a good laugh while enjoying horses, history and good beer together! This section is all about the regiments antics on our travels...

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1796 Light Cavalry Sabre And The 15th Hussars Sword Drill

The 15th Hussars use the Le Marchant 1796 Light Cavalry training manual so that even our weapon skill is as accurate as possible. What cut? in which direction...? this is essential training for the new recruit!

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Sahagun Painting

Click on the painting to download this excellent piece of art. The painting of Sahagun depicts the 15th charge at Sahagun seconds before impact at this most famous Napoleonic cavalry battle in the early hours of the 21st of December 1808. The download is a very high resolution image and would print very well or would make an excellent screen-saver especially for those in the 15th Hussars who are heading out to Sahagun in December 2008.

Sahagun and the 15th Hussars - 1808

On very cold December night near the small town of Sahagun north west Spain, the 15th Kings Light Dragoons enhanced their well know reputation as a first class light cavalry unit...

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Basic Battlefield Maneuvers On Horseback

This section is about the commands used to maneuver a body of light cavalry over the battlefield or on the march. The 15th Hussars re-enactment unit use these simplified orders structure to maneuver. However we do have the original drill manual in the "Research and Historical Information" section of the site. Ever wondered what the commands and procedure is that instigates a cavalry charge?

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The Best Napoleonic Reading List Ever!

Want to find out more about the Napoleonic period? This section gives you an ever expanding list of books that come highly reccommend by the members of the 15th Hussars who really are expert on the period!

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