Arrest of Sir Francis Burdett - 1810

Arrest of Sir Francis Burdett - 1810

Some administrative changes took place during 1809, including the gradual replacement of Quartermasters by sergeants, in the rank of Troop Sergeant Major, and the appointment of a Regimental Quarter Master.

1810 saw the Fifteenth stationed at Hounslow, for escort duty. On the 7th April they were turned out in aid of the civil power, when rioting took place following the announcement that the House of Commons had ordered the arrest, and imprisonment in the Tower, of Sir Francis Burdett MP. He was arrested and taken to the Tower by the Fifteenth, and a detachment of the Life Guards. Once peace had been restored the regiment returned to quarters.

Through 1811 the Fifteenth remained at Hounslow, and formed part of a Brigade of 20,000 who were reviewed on Wimbledon Common on the 10th June. They were also reviewed, with the Tenth and Eighteenth and two troops of Artillery, on Hounslow Heath on the 17th June, When the Prince Regent commanded that his praise be passed on to all.

During the winter of 1811/12, and the summer of 1812, the Fifteenth were employed in the suppression of the Luddites in Yorkshire, Lancashire, and Nottinghamshire.




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