Useful Information About Cavalry Re-enactment and the 15th

Useful Information

Essential kit for La Boissiere-Ecole

A guide explaining what kit a Light Dragoon should take on campaign. Don't be slowed down by too much stuff. Be sure to read this well before the event...

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What is Cavalry Re-enactment?

If you want to know all about cavalry re-enactment then this guide can help you. Cavalry re-enactment is about portraying the past as historically accurately as possible and having as much fun as possible. Who pays for the horses? can I ride my own horse at battles? How do we train the horses? These are just some of the questions we are asked, read on to find out more.

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What Is The Battle Prom Cavalry Display?

This is a short guide explaining what the battle prom is all about. If you love the pomp of "Proms in the park" then this could be the event for you!

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Becoming a 15th Hussar

How To Get Kited Out As 15th Hussar

Want to kow the best place to get a sabre from? Where to get your uniform from and where to find everything a Napoleonic Hussar might need. Also includes supplier contacts and summery of their kit.

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How To Join The Regiment...

What standards of horsemanship are required for you to become a 15th Hussar. What kind of things we'll need from you. What you can expect from us etc...

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Training Material

The 1796 Sword Drill

The 15th Hussars use the Le Marchant 1796 Light Cavalry training manual so that even our weapon skill is as accurate as possible. What cut? in which direction...? this is essential training for the new recruit!

Want To find Out How Le Marchant Said the 1796 Light Cavalry Sabre Should Be Used!

British Light Cavalry Battlefield Manoeuvring

Basic maneuvers of a mounted troop of light cavalry and the historical commands given to execute them on a battlefield, parade and the training ground.

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Basic Light Cavalry Formations

Basic formations for a mounted troop of light cavalry. Never forget them!

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Commands Given and Procedure of The Regimental Mounting and Dismount

Standby your mount, stand to... find out what the commands mean.

Find Out What To Do When... The Regimental Mounting

Research and Historical Information

Orders Of Dress Of The 15th Hussars

What uniform the 15th Hussars wore On what occassions... Review Order, Light Marching Order, Levée & Drawing Room Order. The earliest that we have yet discovered - the 15th Hussars complete orders of dress written by Lt.Col. Thackwell.

Orders Of Dress... Find Out What To Wear When

15th Hussars - Historical Downloads

Although difficult to read because of their age, these books are FREE for download, cover many of the most interesting aspect of light cavalry life and are a valuable insight into the Napoleonic era...

Download historical books - available nowhere else!

Dressage and the Cavalry

Given the beauty of modern dressage, it no doubt comes as a shock to many people to learn that dressage was initially developed for the cavalry. The same dressage skills that lend a horse grace in a competitive arena at the same time enable the horse to twist out of the way of an approaching sabre.

Find Out About Dressages Dark Past

The Best Napoleonic Reading List Ever!

Want to find out more about the Napoleonic period? This section gives you an ever expanding list of books that come highly reccomend by the members of the 15th Hussars, who really are expert on the period!

Check out the best books about the period

15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars) 15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars)
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