Battle Proms

The Battle Proms Cavalry Display

What Are The Battle Proms?

A classical music spectacular with cannons, cavalry, spitfire air display and fireworks!!

As well as performing Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture, the Battle Proms is the only concert that stages Beethoven's 'Battle Symphony' (Wellington's Victory). Beethoven scored this piece for 193 cannons! We rise to this challenge by following his original score with the full complement of cannons ~ a unique and magnificent spectacle.

What Do The 15th Do At The Battle Proms

The 15th Hussars' battle proms arena show is rightly admired for its dash, skill and technical content. It is a colourful combination of glittering blades, thundering hooves, high-speed manoeuvres and the odd bone-crunching mistake! The unit takes part in county shows, open days and large outdoor concerts, where the music is usually provided by a full orchestra, which certainly gets the adrenalin flowing and the hairs on the back of the neck standing. A typical show involves two sections of three or four Hussars performing fast, figure-of-eight cross-overs, both as a section in line and in single file. 'Cartwheel' manoeuvres, both forward and reverse, and line interpenetrating line in a lattice style, all to fit the speed and 'feel' of the music.

15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars) 15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars)
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