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Many Years Of Research And Knowledge To Share

Over our many years of re-enacting Napoleonic cavalry that that all members have become experts on not only the practical side of cavalry but also the Napoleonic period as a whole. We have such a depth of knowledge of horses, filming stunts and the history of light cavalry that all members are able to advise and support television and film productions.

Below is a small part of some of the knowledge that we're able to share with you...


A Historical Record Of The 15th Kings Light Dragoons Hussars - 1759 to 1841

A very interesting account of many of the notable actions and campaigns of the regiment.

Click here to download the Historical Record

Instructions For Hussars And Light Cavalry Acting As Such In Time Of War

A very useful resource describing all aspects of light cavalry techniques and tactics. For example how a village should be captured to avoid an ambush!

Download these instructions here and learn how to be a better light cavalry man

The Light Dragoon

The story of the 11th Light Dragoons as seen through the eyes of a private soldier. In this excellent book George Robert Gleig describes his relationship with his troop horse and the problems he had with Sergeant Waldron. Ever heard this quote "raising himself in his stirrups, let fall upon the Frenchman's helmet such a blow, that brass and skull parted before it". Check out the whole story!

Download the best most down to earth troopers story on the internet

A Treatise On The Discipline Of Light Cavalry

This book describes how to train the new light cavalry recruit and young horse, in all that is required for the service. It suggests lessons and drill for use in the riding school.

Click here to learn how the new recruit was trained

15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars) 15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars)
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