History of th 15th Hussars

History of th 15th Hussars

Raising The regiment - 1759

Horse Guards having realised the value of Light horse as a distinct arm, King George II Commanded Colonel George Augustus Elliott to raise a regiment of Light Dragoons...

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Emsdorf - 1760

The Fifteenth charged and broke four bodies of the enemy in rapid succession. Many British Dragoons fell in the battle, but their resolution triumphed...

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The Kings Approbation - 1766

Now known as "The King's Regiment of Light Dragoons" the regiment recieves special favour...

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Villers-en-Cauchies - 1794

Sent overseas again on 24th April 1793 the regiment joined in the ranks of the Light Brigade under the Duke of York. Much action ensued...

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Egmont-op-Zee - 1799

During a general attack made on enemy forces arund Bergen and Egmont-op-Zee a small force makes great gains...

Great Gains At Egmont-op-Zee

Duke of Cumberland becomes Colonel of the regiment - 1801

The regiment now favoured by the King, places his fifth son at its head...

The Duke of Cumberland At The Head Of The Regiment

Conversion to Hussars - 1805/7

The first regiment to be converted to Hussars - They are now known as The 15th Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars)...

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Sahagun - 1808

Seven hundred odd French light and medium cavalry confronted between three and four hundred British troopers; the imbalance of numbers was extensive, but Lord Paget had unbounded confidence in the regiment...

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Arrest of Sir Francis Burdett - 1810

Sir Francis was arrested and escorted to the Tower of London by the Fifteenth, and a detachment of the Life Guards...

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Esla - 1813

In this campaign the Hussar brigade was habitually to the front of the army, and the Fifteenth saw much action...

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Waterloo - 1815

The formation of the regiment was extended by the addition of two extra troops, three squadrons embarked at Cork landing in Ostend on the 19th May 1815. They immediately advanced up country, and were brigaded with the Seventh Hussars and the Second KGL Hussars under Maj.-Gen. Colquhoun Grant...

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Return to England - 1816

The 15th continued as part of the peace time army of occupation until May 1816...

The Long Awaited Return To England

Personalities Associated with the Regiment

Well Known people accociated with the 15th Hussars... ***unders construction***

People of the Regiment

15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars) 15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars)
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