How To Join The 15th Hussars Cavalry Re-enactment Regiment

How To Join The 15th Hussars Cavalry Re-enactment Regiment

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"The Swan doth like the water clear, so too the hussar good ale and beer, so come my lads, let's have no fear, come list today and drink our beer. So wrote a recruiting sergeant from a Hussar Regiment as he plied his skills around market squares and village greens. Step forward then and take the Kings shilling and contact the regimental recruitment party using this simple on-line form.

Riding Skill

An interest in riding is always a great asset and those with previous riding experience are particularly welcome. As a Regiment we are unable to teach people to ride. You should learn to ride to a reasonable level before you join us.

You should be able to control a strange horse under cannon and heavy musket fire, stay in formation and ride safely with due consideration to other riders and the public.

Interest In History

Interest in the Napoleonic period is important, We don't expext you to know everything but willingness is more than enough

Able To Fund Yourself

Once potential recruits decide they like the unit and we feel that we have something to offer you, new members join as recruits. All though there is no minimum entry requirement for purchase of uniform or equipment, it is expected that recruits will be actively acquiring the uniform of stable dress and be learning the basics of drill. As part of recruit training the troop will undertake to provide instruction on horse care, horsemanship and mounted drill as well as skill-at-arms

There's no two ways about this, cavalry re-enactment is an expensive hobby, however there is a small amount of depot kit which can be loaned for specific events. Once your sure you want to join the 15th alot of the kit is made amonst the regiment to ensure costs are kept to a minimum. As the regiment does not have a budget to kit you out with.

You do not need your own horse as there is a budget at each UK Napoleonic event for horse hire.

Able To Consume Beer And The Compulsory Rum Ration

Having fun is a vitally important part of the regiment! Check out the 15th Hussars having fun here


What A New Recruit Should Expect:

Battle Events

We have ridden in battles all over the UK and Europe with the Napoleonic Association and foreign counterparts, against the likes of the 1ére Chasseurs à cheval, Grenadiers à cheval & Léger Lanciers of the Garde Imperiale. From the muddy field of Waterloo in 1995 which saw perhaps the most thrilling and spectacular battle re-enactment we have ever taken part in, to skirmishes across the length and breadth of England, E troop prides itself on historically accurate and enjoyable battle re-enactment.

Skill At Arms And Drill

A major area in which the unit takes interest is the encouragement of all members to acquire all the skills of horsemanship and handling of weapons that make up an experienced light cavalry unit like the 15th. It was just these qualities of care and understanding of horses and skill with the weapons of the period that led Wellington to say that man-for-man and troop-for-troop he considered the British cavalry “to be at least equal to every two of the French”.

Just as exciting as the melee of battle is riding down the skill-at-arms course, sabre at the guard slicing "‘the Turk’s head"’ in two with one of the 6 approved sword cuts, running the ring through with the point of the sabre. Check out our sword drill page here

Social Life Of The Regiment

We are a friendly group where the hard work and sweat necessary to care for the horses and keep them looking their best, is always offset with a great time during the day and into the nights. Although women and children ae not allowed to ride with us as military personnel, all members of the family are welcome to join in at events. Those who wish to join in with the living history of the regiment are welcome in the period camp and for those interested, side-saddle riding in period costume is sometimes available if a "lady" character can be worked into the living history portrayal. Those who wish to come along simply to support us are always welcome in the modern camp and in the period camp after it is closed to the public. During weekend or longer events, the unit often holds a "get together" where all members, families and friends are welcome to contribute and sit around the table in front of the camp fire and taste our hospitality.

15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars) 15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars)
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