Image Gallery of the 15th Hussars

Image Gallery of the 15th Hussars

15th Hussars Horsing Around!

Shenanigans, mucking about and having fun 15th Hussars style!

Albuera 09

With everything except our flights paid for... how could we refuse this excellent event.

Sahagun 08

The 15th Hussars celebrate the 200th anniversary of this most famous cavalry battle in Spain.

La Boissiere-Ecole 08

A 48 hour event where we live eat and sleep as they would have done 200 years ago. Full blown living the dream!

Burghley Battle Prom 08

Burghley House battle prom, Stamford

Sahagun 07

Castle and Ball Hotel, Malborough

Shugburgh 07

Shugbourgh Hall, Stafford - Multi-period Event

Waterloo 07

This awesome event held in and around Waterloo and Plancenoit - June 2007

Kaub 2007

Kaub, Rhineland, Germany

Jena 2006

Jena, central Germany

Sahagun Mess Night 2005

Our yearly mess night held in December to celebrate the 15th's great success in 1808 Spain

Petworth House 2005

A UK event with a good skill at arms display and battle

Corunna 2004

Suberb event held on northern coast of Spain

Balaklava 2004

The Crimea - 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Balaklava, and the Charge of the Light Brigade

Waterloo 2004

Great event and a good turn out from the 15th

Spain 2003

A selection of the excellent Spanish events attended by the 15th KLD

Leipzig 2003

The 15th march on Leipzig continuing our honourable tradition

Painshill Park 2003

A popular event held just outside London

Hounslow 2002

Farnham 2000 and 2001

Portsmouth Lord Mayors Parade 1999

Battle Proms



15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars) 15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars)
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