The Kings Approbation - 1766

The Kings Approbation - 1766

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The Fifteenth were Reviewed again by the King on 3rd June 1765, and then stationed in Hounslow on escort duty. After a further Review on 26th May 1766 (brigaded with the 16th) the King was so pleased with the appearance and conduct of the regiment that he commanded, before leaving the field, that Eliott's regiment should be in future designated "The King's regiment of Light Dragoons" as a special mark of approbation.

In November of that year the facings of the regiment were changed from green to blue.

The first Light Dragoons - 1766/9

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During this period there were many changes to the names of regiments as the system of numbers was becoming more firmly established. For some years the Fifteenth were known as the King's Royal regiment of Light Dragoons, but the Royal was later dropped. Similarly, in army lists for 1766-69 the regiment appears as the first Light Dragoons, although in the clothing warrant of 1768 the title is the Fifteenth, or King's Light Dragoons. By 1799 the title seems settled in this last form.

The great interest taken by the king in the army led to frequent reviews, and the Fifteenth were honoured by the special regard of the King, frequently being quartered close to Royal residences, and from 1763 to 1799 a troop was stationed at Kingston, Brentford, and Richmond to provide Royal Escorts.

During this period the regiment were also engaged in assisting the civil power, particularly in Lancashire in 1781, and Birmingham and Sheffield in 1791, as well as supporting revenue officers in the fight against smuggling, with many detached parties in place on the coast during 1785-87. In 1784 the colour of the uniform coat was changed from scarlet to blue, and the facing from blue to scarlet. On 6th July 1790 Lord Heathfield (Colonel Eliott) died and was succeeded on 16th July Lt.Gen.. Lord Dorchester K.B.

15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars) 15th or Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars)
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